In 2013, two agreements were signed to establish the twinning of the old city of Tallinn (Kesklinn) and Carcassonne; the first in Tallinn in February and the second in April in Carcassonne. They formalised a process of exchanges with Tallinn running since 2007 and managed by friends and citizens of both France and Estonia.Subsequently there have been many events organised on both sides, such as the exhibition of estonian artists in the summer of 2013 at Carcassonne, the concerts at St Vincent's church in 2014 and the participation of the mayor of Kesklinn at the Bastille day celebrations in 2015.In the autumn of 2015, an association « les amis de Tallinn » (Friends of Tallinn) was created with the aim of strengthening the twinning of the two towns. The name of Pontus de la Gardie was added because he was born in Caunes Minervois and is a well-known figure in Estonia. He became governor of Estonia, at that time part of the Swedish Empire, and then deputy to the king. He was commander of the swedish troops and in 1581 took on and beat Ivan the Terrible at Navra. He is buried in Tallinn cathedral.